The City of Portoscuso, like the areas of Sulcis, Iglesias, Carbonia and the Province of Cagliari in general, offers a wide array of pursuits to keep guests and tourists occupied. These range from historical/cultural visits to entertainment and some of the less demanding sporting activities.


Amongst the most engaging activities, we must mention the sailboat excursions, which also take place on a daily basis. By making use of the service provided by competent and specialised crews, the visitor can fully appreciate the uncontaminated nature of the coastlines, reefs and seabed of the south-west coast of Sardinia, exemplified by such sites as the Island of San Pietro, Cala Domestica and the Pan di Zucchero.

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The prestigious Tiscali Cup will also be of interest to sailboat enthusiasts. The 2005 edition, which saw the participation of 180 boats, set off from the Port of Cagliari. The event includes a special race on the open sea which passes by Portoscuso.

Obviously, it is possible to make use of the nearby sporting facilities to engage in sports such as tennis, football, surfing, and windsurfing, to name but a few.
Tiscali Cup
There is also the possibility to take part in numerous types of excursions in the area. These include quad biking, free climbing, trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, sailing, etc…
Quad biking
at Cala Domestica
Free climbing on
the Pan di Zucchero
Canoeing at
Grotta Sardegna
Diving in the coast' suggestive depth.
The ancient traditions and cultures of Portoscuso have been handed down through the centuries and are today recognised as important tourist attractions. Those who have the privilege to observe and appreciate them do so enthusiastically and cannot help but become involved.
Among the most well-known events is a great festival in honour of the patron saint of the Tonnarotti, Santa Maria D’Itria, which takes place 51 days after Easter.
On 13 June, the Sagra del Tonno (Tuna Feast) is held, during which fresh tuna fish is cooked according to the old traditional recipe, and distributed together with bread and wine.
The so-called ‘arrusteddara’ takes place on 14 August. During this feast, you will have the pleasure of sampling delicious fish grills, skilfully cooked on enormous braziers by numerous roasters.

At Portoscuso, during the months of May and June, the tradition of the Tonnara (Su Pranu) is celebrated, which each year yields many tons of tuna fish, according to a striking age-old fishing technique.
Mattanza (tuna massacre)
Holy Week
The region offers various cultural itineraries, the most valued and important stages of which are essentially represented by the many religious feasts and festivals. These have remained unchanged over the centuries and include the Feast of Sant’Efisio, which is held at Cagliari on 1 May. For more information, visit http://www.ufficiostampacagl
. The Holy Week in Iglesias takes place in the month of March and the ‘Mauritano’ Wedding, which takes place at Santadi on the first Sunday of August, involves the marriage of a young couple with a religious rite, according to the most
ancient bucolic and rural tradition. The couple are dressed in the costume of the local people, ‘is Maureddus’, as the inhabitants of Santadi and the entire Sulcis are known.
Mauritano Wedding at Santadi
Photo by kind permission of Pinna Nicola
Sant’Efisio – 1May at Cagliari
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