A holiday in the south of Sardinia

The hotel is situated in a stunning bay overlooking the island of San Pietro. It is there, between Capo Pecora, Porto Paglia and Capo Altano, that Aragonese sailors discovered tuna fishing: each spring, the rite of Mattanza takes place here.
You will spend your stay immersed in a breathtaking landscape, revelling in the unspoiled nature of Sardinia. You can also discover what the island’s untouched inland area has to offer.
You will leave with great memories of this place, and the desire to return for another wonderful stay.

Hotel Lido degli Spagnoli is located very close to the city of Portoscuso. Like all accommodation in the area of Sulcis, Iglesias, Carbonia and the province of Cagliari, it offers a wide selection of attractions to fill your days with history, culture, sports and entertainment.

Sport and Activities

Some of the exciting activities available include sailing trips (including day trips) that allow you to take in the unspoiled seabeds, beaches and cliffs along the south west Sardinian coastline. Take in the islands of San Pietro, Cala Domestica and the Pan di Zucchero while enjoying the service offered by experienced specialised crews.

Sailing enthusiasts will be excited to learn that a special race from the prestigious Tiscali Cup, involving 180 boats and beginning at the port of Cagliari, takes place at Portoscuso.

There are plenty of nearby facilities for sporting activities, including tennis. 5-a-side football, surfing, windsurfing and much more.
Some of the most popular visitor activities include quad biking in Cala Domestica, free climbing on Pan di Zucchero’s cliffs overlooking the sea, trekking, canoeing, diving and mountain biking.

Sport and Activities Hotel Lido degli Spagnoli

Culture and tradition

The ancient and centuries-old traditions of Portoscuso are today recognised as important tourist attractions able to involve and excite anyone who has the privilege of observing and appreciating them.
Among the best known is the celebration in honour of Santa Maria D’Itria, the patroness of Tonnarotti , which takes place 51 days after Easter.
On June 13, the now famous Sagra del Tonno (Tuna Festival) is unmissable, during this time, fresh tuna is cooked according to an ancient traditional recipe and distributed together with excellent wine and bread.
This so-called “arrusteddara” takes place on the 14th of August, during this festival, visitors can taste the many delicious, grilled fish cooked on huge grills.
In Portoscuro during May and June, we celebrate the ritual of the Tonnara (Su pranu) which annually results in the capture of several tons of tuna, all harvested using an amazing, ancient fishing technique .

Culture and tradition Hotel Lido degli Spagnoli

Religious Festivals

The local area provides several cultural offerings. Among the most important and well-attended are the religious festivalsthat have been celebrated for centuries.
We recommend that you attend the Sagra di Sant’Efisio in Cagliari, every 1st of May, and the Settimana Santa (Holy Week) in Iglesias during the month of March.
An honorable mention goes to Matrimonio Mauritano in Santadi on the first Sunday in August. During this Matrimonio (wedding), a couple gets married, wearing traditional local clothing, during a religious rite that dates back to the pastoral tradition of Sardinia.

Religious Festivals Hotel Lido degli Spagnoli