Geographically, there is no doubt that this coastline, situated at the south-west of Sardinia, faces north, as though searching for the coasts of Andalusia through the mist. The history of Portopaglietto has always had many obscure, uncertain, yet fascinating aspects, such as the legends of its origins, and the events which took place near Canyelles in 1323, events which have marked Sardinian and Spanish history.

The name of the 'Hotel, ‘II Lido degli Spagnoli’ (‘Lido of the Spaniards’), refers with discretion, but also with pleasant audacity, to a real historical event which dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. On 13 June, 1323, the Infante Don Alfonso of Aragon landed in the Gulf of Palmas ‘with his fleet of 60 galleys and as many as 500 other craft with 20,000 men’. They headed to the Canyelles plain to set up their siege camp, with which they would attack Villa di Chiese (today Iglesias), as reported by Casalis and General La Marmora, thus beginning the Spanish invasion and their domination of the whole of Sardinia. The Infante’s arrival at Portoscuso was marked by terrible winds, occurring some weeks prior to 25 June, since an Aragonese ship sank during
a storm near the Island of San Pietro. Six sailors and the son of a knight lost their lives in that incident. Don Ramon de Peralta (an important Aragonese nobleman) risked being swallowed up by the tempestuous sea.

"Lido degli Spagnoli" – because it was at that time that Aragonese fisherman discovered the famous abundance of tuna fish in the seas of this fortunate strip of the south. Each year (from mid-April to mid-June), the area between Capo Pecora, Porto Paglia and Capo Altano, welcomes
the inviting and fascinating schools of tuna fish which mark the beginning of the ‘mattanza’. Puerto Ascondido ... Porto Escuso ‘hidden port’ ... therefore, even then, Portoscuso provided an easy landing place for Spanish ships which, after rounding the Cape of Portopaglietta, could stop in the safe and peaceful bays and take advantage of the abundant fishing near the Lido of Su Pranu, replenish their supplies of spring water a short distance from the backwash and stock up with foodstuffs by trading with the inhabitants of the hinterland.
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