Portoscuso: welcome to the South

Portoscuso is a small town on the south-west coast of Sardinia particularly known for being the first connection to the famous island of San Pietro and its town of Carloforte.

Portoscuso is an ancient centre that enjoys centuries-old traditions handed down to the present day. These traditions, particularly appreciated by travellers are all related to fishing, cooking and tuna preservation.
The ancient buildings in which the tuna harvest and the mattanza (ancient method of fishing) were practiced are still visible. The symbol of the town however, is the Torre Spagnola that rises between the small cove of the Ghinghetta and the cliff of Portopaglietto . The tower was built by Spanish colonisers to defend themselves from the feared Saracen invasions. For some years now the tower has been managed by the local Pro Loco (tourist office) which uses it for organising various cultural and entertainment activities. With a height of 16 metres, it also allows a beautiful panoramic view over the coastline.

Portoscuso is located in a strategic position in relation to the main sites and to the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia.
In fact, the marvellous beaches of Porto Pino , the beach of Cala Domestica and that of Scivu are within easy reach. In a few minutes by car, you can reach important sites of natural and archaeological interest such as Nora, Pula and Sant’Antioco or, the great Serbariu mine (in Carbonia) or the famous Porto Flavia mine south of Buggerru.

In short, whether it is a stroll through the welcoming old town or taking a car and touring the surrounding areas of Portoscuso, it is an excellent location for your holiday in the south of Sardinia . If you want to spend a few days relaxing overlooking the crystal clear sea, please do not hesitate to request information.